Thursday, February 23, 2012


If you are friends with my Mom on Facebook you will see that she keeps posting all these links to stories about kids with Down syndrome.  It's kind of annoying.  Yeah, yeah, Mom.  We get it.  Kids with Down syndrome can do everything that every other kid can do.  But I guess I will let it go for now because she explained it to me like this,

"Cooper, when I was growing up, you never saw kids with Down syndrome in school with other kids or on teams or doing anything other than riding around in vans with other kids with Down syndrome.   They went to special schools and people called them retarded and made fun of them for being stupid.  It's only been recently that I've started seeing these adults in the community working, playing, eating out with friends and families, and generally being ordinary citizens.  And it's only been since having you that I even recognized my own prejudices, stereotypes and hurtful words.  I have a lot of atonement to do and the best way I can think to do that right now is to share the stories of you and people like you.  So, you'll just have to get over your embarrassment.  I'm sure it won't be the last time I embarrass you :) "

I guess that's it.  She's determined to do it so we'll all just have to endure.  She means well.  And who knows, maybe someone will understand a little more by what she shares and will learn that I am not stupid because I have Down syndrome.  And maybe she can teach one person that calling someone "retarded" is a terrible word of the past just like other hurtful words we have removed from our daily language.

In other news.  If you rub my belly and make a wish, I think it might come true.  See below.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hangin' with the Mama

The photo above tells the story of the day.  We spent the day in our jammies doing a lot of napping.  It's nice to be home.  We've been running crazy for about a month and spending a lot of time everywhere but home.  Mama says today is about resting and healing so that's what we're doing.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Word

Today I learned a new word...Generosity.  My mom can't stop using it.  I overheard her talking so many times today about how generous the people in our lives are.  Here is but a small sampling of what I heard:

"Betsy (that's Momma's best friend since the time of the dinosaurs) organized all of the food for the funeral through her brother Steve (a chef) and her sister Becky brought it up from Battle Creek.  Her whole family is so amazingly generous!  Her mom found and purchased dress clothes for Cooper. and Becky is helping me deliver a very important work piece to Grand Rapids so that I don't have to drive out there in the morning.  This is just the beginning of the kind of love and generosity that Betsy and her family have shown us during this horrible time.  I can never thank them enough."

"People from the Red Cross (Grandma was a big volunteer for them) organized a lunch for the family in between visitations today.  What a generous act from an organization my Mom was proud to be a part of.  Thank you for thinking of us today."

"Rosalynn Bliss (Momma's boss) and the leadership team at work have been so generous in their willingness to work with my crazy life over the last few months.  They have been a constant source of support and encouragement for me.  I can't believe how lucky I am to work for such a wonderful group of people at a place that does such good."

As you can see, I've heard this word, generosity, so many times...and this doesn't even begin to cover all the little and big things that people have done for me and my Mom during this time.  Oh, Momma asked me to make sure to include how generous Aunt Annie has been in giving up her life to help care for Grandma and how Aunt Becki had to generously take on the extra work with Aunt Annie being away.  Also, Aunt Valy bought me an awesome outfit and shoes to wear to the funeral....I think that's pretty got Grandma's house cleaned for Grandpa.  There are so many people who have done countless acts of kindness for my Mom and our family that their generosity can never be thanked enough.  But I will try.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Me and My Grandma

I spent the night with Grandma last night.  We're at this place called The Hospice House of Holland.  Grandma isn't awake anymore and that's really hard on my Momma.  She says that Grandma will just drift off soon and she won't be in anymore pain or have anymore fear.  I'm glad for that but I will miss her very much.  I don't understand why she can't be with us but Momma says we'll get through it and we just have to love her for as long as we have her.  She sang me my first song and I will try to remember that.  I will remember how she rocked me to sleep and our "Grandma Naps."  I will remember that she smelled nice and held me close for as long as she could.  I will remember that I have the best Grandma ever.  But, she told me that she will be watching over me so I guess I don't have to worry that she's too far away.  Get some rest, Grandma because it's going to be hard work keeping up with me!  I love you.