Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Me and My Grandma

I spent the night with Grandma last night.  We're at this place called The Hospice House of Holland.  Grandma isn't awake anymore and that's really hard on my Momma.  She says that Grandma will just drift off soon and she won't be in anymore pain or have anymore fear.  I'm glad for that but I will miss her very much.  I don't understand why she can't be with us but Momma says we'll get through it and we just have to love her for as long as we have her.  She sang me my first song and I will try to remember that.  I will remember how she rocked me to sleep and our "Grandma Naps."  I will remember that she smelled nice and held me close for as long as she could.  I will remember that I have the best Grandma ever.  But, she told me that she will be watching over me so I guess I don't have to worry that she's too far away.  Get some rest, Grandma because it's going to be hard work keeping up with me!  I love you.


  1. So nice that Cooper has such a good grasp on end of life even at the beginning of his own.

  2. This is very touching, thoughts and prayers with you and your family.