Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been a busy boy

There has been a lot going on since I posted last.  Mommy has been having a hard time with Grandma in the hospital but she told me to stop using that as an excuse and let you all know what's been going on.

As I told you in my last post, I caught my first cold.  I'm still fighting it a little and it didn't help that I got my immunization a few days ago and haven't felt quite right since.  Mamma's arms are getting really strong because I'm not feeling much like sitting by myself these days.  It just feels better to sit with her when I feel bad.   But don't get the wrong idea about me.  I'm no crybaby.  I got my shots and didn't shed a tear when they attacked me with those needles.  Mamma was all worked up and ready for me to scream and cry.  Instead I looked right at her and smiled...I mean, there was this brief second where I thought I might lose it but for Mamma's sake I stayed strong.

We've been at the hospital every day for the last week.  You should see these nurses!  They just won't leave me alone.  Everyone knows my name and when a new nurse comes on who hasn't met me yet, I hear "Is this Cooper that I've been hearing so much about?"  I guess I'm kind of a big deal.  I've been getting to spend lots of time with my Aunt Annie and Aunt Renee.  That's pretty cool but hopefully Grandma will get to go home soon because the hospital is getting old.  We got to change floors yesterday so that was a nice change in scenery.  There are rocking chairs on the second floor and I love to rock. Mom says we try to find the small things to be happy about these days...even if it's just that there are rocking chairs in the waiting room.

I better get going.  Grandma awaits!  Sorry for the delay in the update.  I know this one is not up to my usual standards but I needed to just get it done so I didn't stop all together and ruin Mamma's New Year's resolution.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Very First Cold

I am sick.  What the heck?  I don't understand why I can't breath and why I'm so hot and why I neeeeeeed to be glued to my mama's side.  Doesn't make any sense to me.  I did hear Mom say something about it being nice of me to get sick on the same day as my 4 month well baby check-up...I guess those are covered 100%.  I think I should get the $25 difference.  I need it for my college fund.  Do you have any idea how much college is going to cost by the time I get there?!?  So yeah, this sucks.  I am really sleepy but I can't seem to stay asleep for longer than about a half an hour and Grandma couldn't hold me at chemotherapy because I'm contagious or something.  I need to get better so that I can continue to be Grandma's best medicine.

Mama told me to tell you that I weigh 12 lbs and 5 oz and am 24.25 inches long.  That's almost double my birth weight and I've grown over 5 inches in length.  My doctor is very impressed.  I am charting on the typically developing charts and meeting all of my developmental milestones.  I guess that's pretty good or something.  All I know is that right now, I'm too tired to care.  I going to put on my jammies and cry.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am not a stinky boy

I took a bath without screaming my damn head off.  Oh, sorry.  Mommy says "damn" is on the censored list. You'll have to forgive me.   I was very excited because it was the first time ever!  I'm not sure what the problem with baths has been but I really don't like them.  I think it might be post traumatic stress from the first day I was breathing.  They ripped me out and threw me in a bath.  Apparently, there are pictures floating around of the event and they are not pretty.  I think Mommy has decided they are too scary to share so you'll have to trust me on this one.   Plus I'm naked in them and I wouldn't want any potential girlfriends to see me in all my glory.

I sum up today's post below.  Enjoy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Houdini's Got Nothing On Me

I was reminded that people want updates.  What did my mama get me into?
I spent the weekend with my Mom, Daddy, Brothers and Sister, Grandma and Grandpa, in Chicago.  I guess it’s not really Chicago.  It’s a suburb.  Technicalities.  Saturday I went to the library for the very first time.  Matt and Jenna had to go in the kids area but I was allowed into the reading room with the adults.  I think I should have gone with my brother and sister because where I was, everyone was quiet and drinking coffee and being very serious.  There was a copy of Newsweek and The New Yorker in Mommy and Daddy’s hands and there was some guy who looked  like he was trying to be Steve Jobs reading from an I Pad.   Black turtle neck and jeans too.  A little too on the nose for my taste.  It was all very serious so I figured we needed to liven the place up a little.  Apparently you aren’t supposed to be lively at the library.  Mama quickly whisked me up and started bouncing.  She always does that!  She knows exactly what it takes to distract me.  But overall, I would rate the experience as enjoyable.  It was warm and I got to sit between Mama and Daddy on the couch while they read.  I think I’ll go back.

Oh, I was supposed to inform you all that the rolling over wasn’t a fluke.  I did it again…with witnesses this time!

Also, I’ve decided that car seat restraints are for losers.  Today, on the ridiculously long trip from Chicago to Grand Rapids, I decided to work my arms out of the harness.  I’m going for the full break out next time!  I’ll fill you in on my progress.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My mommy made me start a blog

My mommy has blog envy.  She won't admit it (mostly because she trashed talked bloggers for so long) but she really does.  So welcome to my blog that my mommy is making me keep to satisfy her hidden desire to share every last detail of my life.

Let's see.  What to write about.

My name is Cooper and I was born on September 9, 2011.  I have an extra 21st chromosome....whatever that is.  I guess it's something about having Down syndrome but I don't know what that is either so...

Although I haven't met all that many other kids my age I'm pretty sure that I'm just like every other kid.  Eating, learning, pooping, smiling, crying, ripping out mommy's hair by the handful.  You know, all the good stuff.

I have a pretty busy schedule (see above) so I'm not sure how often I can update you all but mom said something about a New Year's Resolution.  From what I have gathered, I think it's about doing something you've never been able to stick to before.  I guess a new year is supposed to bring new resolve or something.  We'll see.

OK.  First update.  I rolled over yesterday.  That was new.  I think today I will try it again.  It's a lot more exciting than rubbing my face into the floor.

I hear that I'm going to visit Grandma today while she has her chemotherapy and then going with Mommy to work.  Big Day.  I've been told that I'm the best medicine for Grandma.  I hope she gets better because I really love spending the day with her.  It's kind of fun at work with Mom but Grandma and Grandpa's house is so much more fun.  Also, there are dogs at Grandma's and just weird ladies who make weird noises at me at work.

Gotta' go....time to eat!