Thursday, January 5, 2012

My mommy made me start a blog

My mommy has blog envy.  She won't admit it (mostly because she trashed talked bloggers for so long) but she really does.  So welcome to my blog that my mommy is making me keep to satisfy her hidden desire to share every last detail of my life.

Let's see.  What to write about.

My name is Cooper and I was born on September 9, 2011.  I have an extra 21st chromosome....whatever that is.  I guess it's something about having Down syndrome but I don't know what that is either so...

Although I haven't met all that many other kids my age I'm pretty sure that I'm just like every other kid.  Eating, learning, pooping, smiling, crying, ripping out mommy's hair by the handful.  You know, all the good stuff.

I have a pretty busy schedule (see above) so I'm not sure how often I can update you all but mom said something about a New Year's Resolution.  From what I have gathered, I think it's about doing something you've never been able to stick to before.  I guess a new year is supposed to bring new resolve or something.  We'll see.

OK.  First update.  I rolled over yesterday.  That was new.  I think today I will try it again.  It's a lot more exciting than rubbing my face into the floor.

I hear that I'm going to visit Grandma today while she has her chemotherapy and then going with Mommy to work.  Big Day.  I've been told that I'm the best medicine for Grandma.  I hope she gets better because I really love spending the day with her.  It's kind of fun at work with Mom but Grandma and Grandpa's house is so much more fun.  Also, there are dogs at Grandma's and just weird ladies who make weird noises at me at work.

Gotta' go....time to eat!


  1. Great start. Comfortable reading. Looking forward to more posts, "Cooper".

  2. It's a miracle !! My little baby boy can write !!

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  4. Go Coop! I see a budding screenplay writer!

    Forever your fan....

  5. Love the blog! Look forward to all the updates and pictures!

  6. I'd follow this little boy anywhere.

  7. yay! i'm following you now, Cooper!! ~Tai